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Scottish independence reports: Vote arrangements

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  • Your Scotland, Your Referendum (Scottish government) (January 25, 2012) - The Scottish government asked for views on what should be on the referendum ballot paper, campaign spending limits and how the referendum should be run.
  • 'Your Scotland, Your Referendum': An Analysis of Consultation Responses (Scottish government) (October 23, 2012) - The Scottish government published its analysis based on 26,219 responses to its "Your Scotland, Your Referendum" consultation, which took in issues including the wording of the referendum question, voting on a Saturday and the timetable for the referendum.
  • The Referendum on Separation for Scotland: a multi-option question? (Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee) (13 August 2012) -Westminster's Scottish affairs committee said that while including an extra question on more devolved powers on the referendum ballot paper may at first sight be an attractive proposition, the idea suffered from several fatal defects.