Scottish people's panel: Who are they and what are they saying?

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The people of Scotland go to the polls on 18 September when they will be asked: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

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We've brought together 30 voters from villages, towns and cities across Scotland.

Some are supporting a "Yes" vote, others are saying "No" and a section are open to persuasion.

During the official campaign period we will be canvassing their views on radio, online and on television.

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  • The people's panel has been compiled by the BBC's Louise Sayers, Katy McCloskey and Colletta Smith.

Panel members

Name Who am I? Name Who am I?
Alex Arthur Alex Arthur

"I am now retired, but I used to be a lecturer in business studies and have experience of working in the oil and gas industry. I have five children and six grandchildren."

Audrey Birt Audrey Birt

"I live in Edinburgh and am a freelance consultant and coach, working with major third sector organisations in Scotland. I'm a former nurse and healthcare manager and I'm passionate about improving health and social care provision."

James Budge James Budge

"I live in the Shetland Islands where I am a semi-retired farmer. I'm uneasy about the amount of uncertainty surrounding the independence debate, and I'm primarily concerned about whether talk of Scotland's financial situation stacks up."

John Docherty John Docherty

"I live in Glasgow with my wife and two grown-up daughters. I find the amount of unanswered questions and uncertainty surrounding the debate frustrating and that the campaigns are simply telling people what they want to hear."

Denzel Darku Denzel Darku

"I am originally from Ghana but now I live with my family in Glasgow, where I am studying biomedical science. I am currently undecided and want to know what independence would achieve for young people like himself."

Ronnie Eunson Ronnie Eunson

"I live in Scalloway on the Shetland Islands where I farm organic beef and lamb. As well as chairing the local agriculture cooperative, I am involved in Scottish Natural Heritage and I was a board member on the Crofters Commission."

Lynda Forde Lynda Forde

"I live in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, and work for a multinational firm. I am a mother to one daughter and three step-children and I travel throughout the UK with my job."

Melissa Gillen Lisa Gillen

"I single-handedly run a community centre and am self-employed as a life coach as well as being a mum to three teenage daughters."

Ron Greer Ron Greer

"I'm a retired freshwater biologist and ecologist and I live in Blair Atholl in Perthshire. I'm a keen angler and I'd would like to see Scotland have its own wildlife and fisheries service."

Fergus Hardie Fergus Hardie

"I live in Edinburgh and run my own business manufacturing plastics. As 70% of my business comes from England I'm concerned that independence or the uncertainty around the referendum might lead to some of my customers searching for a new supplier."

Isle of Skye

Panel members

Name Who am I? Name Who am I?
Deirdre Henderson Deirdre Henderson

"I co-ordinate a health project in my local community of Campbeltown. I have a passion for the arts, and fill my spare time reading, visiting art galleries and going to the theatre and cinema."

Kenneth Hutcheon Kenneth Hutcheon

"I'm a former computing lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. I'm now involved in my local area as a member of both the local community council and forum."

Ian Kinghorn Ian Kinghorn

"I live in Edinburgh and am retired from my job as a driving instructor, having worked as an electronics engineer before that. I spend my time doing DIY and wood-turning as well as singing in a local barbershop group and volunteering with the local hospice."

Jack Lawson Jack Lawson

"I'm a retired engineer and I enjoy walking and spending time with my large family, which includes my grandson Connor. I have a keen interest in economics and I think there are financial incentives to remaining within the Union."

Rona MacDonald Rona MacDonald

"I'm a Gaelic speaker, I live in Glasgow and I work as an arts producer. I'm also a mother of four and I enjoy yoga and baking. I've also got a keen interest in politics and will be voting 'Yes' in the referendum."

Angus MacDonald Angus MacDonald

"I live with my wife on the remote island of Benbecula, which sits between North Uist and South Uist in the Outer Hebridies. I previously worked as a civil engineer and served as an independent local government councillor."

Murdo MacLennan Murdo MacLennan

"I have worked as a crofter in Stornoway for the last 30 years. I also serve as a non-executive director in the local hospice, I'm a Gaelic speaker and I'm the Western Isles representative on the Crofters Commission."

Ann Maxwell Contributor-Ann Maxwell

"I am a volunteer fundraiser and campaigner, on both sides of the border, for children and young people with learning disabilities. I also run a Scottish registered charity supporting children and families affected by epilepsy - a cause close to my heart as our teenage son has a severe form of the condition."

Connor McSharry Connor McSharry

"I'm 22 and live in the North Kelvin side area of Glasgow where I work as a property manager. I'm a keen hill walker and I also enjoy going to music gigs. My grandad Jack plans to vote 'No' but I'm still undecided, although I am leaning towards 'Yes'."

Tracy Metcalfe Tracy Metcalfe

"I'm mum to two teenage sons and I am currently studying for a degree in Scottish History. I live in Forres, Moray, but I am originally from County Durham."

Edinburgh sunset

Panel members

Name Who am I? Name Who am I?
John Mercer John Mercer

"I live in Edinburgh and devote much of my time to looking after my young sons, and caring for my father who suffered a stroke 10 years ago. I previously worked for a large financial management company and has also turned my hand to property development."

Lindsay Neil Lindsay Neil

"I'm a retired GP and am very active in my local community of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. I'm a campaigner for urban regeneration and the Common Good Fund, as well as founding the local archery club."

Hal Osler Hal Osler

"I work as a community councillor in Edinburgh and have two children - one of whom is 16 and so will be voting for the first time in the referendum.

I'm involved with fundraising for my local hospice and I'm particularly interested in how funding in the voluntary sector could be affected by Scottish independence."

Ranbir Patwal Ranbir Patwal

"I live in East Renfrewshire with my wife and 17-year-old son. I work in property management and have been an entrepreneur all my life, firstly running a tourist shop in central station, and then a newsagents."

Jamie Robertson Jamie Robertson

"I'm self-employed and manage a number of self-catering holiday properties with my wife Tara. In terms of the Scottish independence referendum I'm keeping an open mind, but I'll be voting 'No' unless something radical happens."

Kim Simpson Kim Simpson

"I live in Glasgow where I work as a cultural arts producer. I'm not fully decided about how I will vote, but I'm leaning towards 'Yes'. I want discussion to open up around an independent Scotland."

Naomi Stirrat Naomi Stirrat

"I'm 21 and I'm studying acting in Edinburgh, alongside volunteering as a youth worker with young people of high school age. I am currently undecided about how I'll vote in September. I feel I need more information if I'm going to make an informed decision."

Catt Weir Catt Weir

"I live in Paisley and am a fourth-year broadcast production student at the University of the West of Scotland. Although my parents are both firmly 'Yes' voters, I have no idea about how I'm going to vote in the referendum."

Paul Welsh Paul Welsh

"I live in North Berwick and run my own architecture practice in Edinburgh. Before that I was the director of a large UK based architecture firm working around the UK, as well as in mainland Europe."

Inga Zaiceva Inga Zaiceva

"I'm mum to a four-year-old son. I was born in Lithuanian and now live in Glasgow where I work as a charity shop manager. I settled in Scotland eight years ago after me and my partner fell in love with the country while travelling."

Forth Bridge

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