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Cabinet Secretary defends Scotland's Commonwealth Games uniform

Team Scotland parade uniform
Image caption The parade uniforms were designed by Glasgow School of Art graduate Jilli Blackwood

People should get behind Team Scotland whatever their view of the team's parade uniform, Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison has said.

Ms Robison, who has responsibility for the Games in the Scottish government, described the outfit as "bold" and "colourful".

The uniform has encountered widespread criticism and even a petition calling for it to be scrapped.

Athletes will wear the parade uniform at the Games' opening ceremony.

Ms Robison was asked for her view of the controversial outfits, designed by textile artist Jilli Blackwood, during a BBC Scotland webcast.

"Well, it's got people talking," she said. "That's not necessarily a bad thing.

"It's bold, it's colourful, but people need to remember what's its purpose is.

"The purpose is a parade uniform, something that is going to be very visual and bright when those athletes come out and it certainly ticks those boxes."

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Media captionShona Robinson told BBC Scotland's Brian Taylor the uniform is "not something that we're expecting people to wear on a night out"

The uniform launch sparked comments on Twitter comparing it to "a pair of curtains" or "something a 70s dance troupe would wear".

Richard Brown of Glasgow lodged a petition to prevent the uniforms being used, describing them as "truly horrendous".

However, Ms Robison argued: "The parade uniform is what it is: it's bright, it's colourful, it will stand out on the telly and, you know, it's not something we would be expecting people to wear on a night out.

"It is a parade uniform. No matter what your view on it, I think the time is now right to get behind the team."

Asked if she would be happy to wear it herself, the minister said the uniform was "very coveted".

"It's only the athletes are allowed to wear it, so whether I get a chance to is probably unlikely," she added.

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