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Scottish independence: Campaign chiefs plan post-vote break

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Media captionBlair Jenkins of Yes Scotland and Blair McDougall of Better Together answer your questions on the Scottish independence referendum

The heads of the campaigns for Scottish independence and the Union have said they are looking forward to a holiday and family time after the referendum.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins told the BBC he was planning a getaway after what has been the longest campaign in British political history.

Blair McDougall, campaign director for Better Together, is looking forward to spending time with his children.

Both men said they wanted to continue in public life after the vote.

Asked what the future held after the 18 September vote, Mr McDougall said: "Reintroducing myself to my friends, who I've not seen in two-and-a-half years.

"This has been the longest political campaign in British history. I started this campaign with zero children - I've now got a two-and-a-half year old and a four-month-old now, so family time for me."

'New Scotland'

Mr McDougall, who was taking part in a BBC webcast with Mr Jenkins ahead of the referendum, added: "Whatever happens, I think the same for Blair as well, we're both still going to be involved in public life.

"We're both going to be doing what we're doing now, which is arguing for what we think will make Scotland a better place for our kids' future.

Mr Jenkins added: "I took a very conscious decision when I started in this role that I wouldn't spend any time thinking about what I was going to do afterwards.

"All I've planned at the moment is a holiday - I'm sure Blair's the same - have that holiday then come back and see where we go from there.

"I do expect a "Yes" outcome, so, whatever I'm doing in whatever role, I want to be part of building the new Scotland."

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