Tony Blair: Independence for Scotland 'not sensible'

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image captionTony Blair said Scotland leaving the UK "would not be sensible"

Former prime minister Tony Blair has urged voters in Scotland to opt for staying in the UK.

To "rip up the alliance" between Scotland and the rest of the UK would not be sensible "politically, economically or even emotionally".

Interviewed in Kiev, Mr Blair said: "Obviously I hope that Scotland votes to stay part of the United Kingdom."

His comments came as debate intensified in the final weekend of campaigning before the vote.

Scottish roots

Mr Blair, prime minister between 1997 and 2007, has been silent so far in the debate over Scottish independence.

But on Saturday he said he supported "all the reasons given by all the main party leaders in the UK" for the countries to continue in union.

Born in Edinburgh, Mr Blair went to school in Durham before returning to Scotland's capital to attend public school.

His father was born in Yorkshire but grew up in Glasgow after being adopted by a ship worker in the city.