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General election 2017: Scottish leaders' debate rewind

Here are some of the highlights and talking points from the Scottish Leaders' Debate ahead of the general election on 8 June.

The panellists

David Coburn: UKIP Scotland

Kezia Dugdale: Scottish Labour leader

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP leader

Ruth Davidson: Scottish Conservative leader

Willie Rennie: Scottish Liberal Democrat leader

Patrick Harvie: Scottish Greens co-convener.

The questions

1. How will the issue of Brexit play out in Scotland.

2. What will the general election vote tell us about moves for an #indyref2?

3. Where does the fault lie for recent failings of numeracy in schools?

4. Should we increase income tax to meet all social costs?

The arguments

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The leaders locked horns on independence and immigration in what proved at times to be a heated affair.

Nicola Sturgeon accused Ruth Davidson of "talking so much about independence that I can't get a word in edgeways".

But Ms Davidson hit back by telling Ms Sturgeon: "The country said 'No' and you won't listen to them."

Ms Dugdale warned the opinion polls were suggesting that the Conservatives "will be back and they will be more destructive than ever before" after the election.

Meanwhile Willie Rennie accused the SNP of working faster on independence legislation than on nursery education plans.

Read the full story here.

Online reaction

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One for the account Is John Curtice OnTV from Philip Sim: The main thing I can report so far is that Professor John Curtice is thoroughly enjoying the debate

The nurse who questioned Nicola Sturgeon caused a lot of chat about a previous appearance on Question Time alongside a man said to be a Tory councillor. An account which seemed to be hers replied: I was invited back tonight because I didn't get to ask my question on the previous show - I'm not married however I'm looking!

The BBC's Nick Eadley later tweeted: BBC confirm nurse not married to Tory councillor.

The Scottish leaders were given some credit for all turning up for a debate, but one assessment of the the political scene was that it is "more petty than Scottish fitba".

The iPlayer

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Don't worry, if you did miss the leaders' debate from Edinburgh, you can check it out in full on the BBC iPlayer.

Join in

If you fancy a go at putting the party leaders on the spot you can join our Ask the Leader Debates from the end of May.

Willie Rennie, Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson and Nicolas Sturgeon will all be in the spotlight. For the chance to put your questions you can apply online here.