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Election 2017: What has Kezia Dugdale said about indyref2?

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What Kezia Dugdale said about a second Scottish referendum during a private conversation with Nicola Sturgeon is the subject of dispute between the two women. However, what is clearer are the public statements Ms Dugdale has made on the matter. So, what are they?

20 September, 2015 (Interview with Sunday Politics Scotland)

When asked by presenter Gordon Brewer if Labour's MP and MSPs should be allowed to campaign against party policy, as they did in the 1979 devolution referendum, Ms Dugdale said: "Yes. Many Labour members, in fact almost 30% of Labour party supporters, voted Yes. We know that now from all the evidence and I respect that.

"I'm not going to shut down my party's renewal and debate in my party because people hold a different position on independence."

"If somebody holds that view on the question of independence, I'm not going to try to shut down the debate."

Kezia Dugdale would allow indyref 'free vote'

1 April, 2016 (Interview with the Fabian Review)

In an interview with the left-wing Fabian Review publication, Ms Dugdale said: "I see tremendous benefits from the EU to Scotland, so I would do whatever I could to preserve and promote that. The same argument applies to the UK. I would very much like both those unions to stay."

When journalist Mary Riddell ask whether her first loyalty was keeping the UK together, she said: "I've never contemplated that. I really wouldn't like to choose, because what I want to do is the best possible thing for Scotland. [I would be] putting Scotland first."

Pressed further on whether, for Scotland's sake, Ms Dugdale might argue against the UK Union she answered: "Possibly. It's not inconceivable."

The long road: interview with Kezia Dugdale

1 April 2016 (Clarification following Fabian Review interview)

"We won't introduce one [Scottish referendum] in government and we would vote against one if it's introduced by any other party.

"Our [Holyrood] manifesto will make that commitment clear, unlike the Tories who have said they would support a second referendum if the SNP are elected on a manifesto promising one."

Kezia Dugdale clarifies independence stance

24 June, 2016 (Day after EU referendum)

"I spoke to Nicola Sturgeon this afternoon. We both have profound disagreements about the constitutional future of Scotland, but I stand ready to work with her in the best interests of the people of Scotland."

"Labour's [Holyrood] manifesto ruled out a second referendum in the lifetime of this parliament - we won't be changing our minds any time soon."

In quotes: Scotland votes Remain as UK backs Brexit

28 June, 2016 (Speech in Holyrood's EU debate)

"So the First Minister may leave this chamber with the faith of these benches to speak to Europe in the best interests of securing Scotland's future in both the EU and the UK.

"But that faith can only be maintained by regular communication, involvement and briefings from the government to opposition parties. A faith maintained by a continued understanding that as First Minister, she travels to Europe with a duty to represent Scots that voted both Yes and No, Scots that voted both remain and to leave.

"But that faith would be betrayed if the First Minister tries to present our support for this motion as support for a second independence referendum."

Brian Taylor - Independence hangs over Holyrood Brexit debate

23 February, 2017 (Interview with The Times)

Times journalist Kenny Farquharson wrote in his piece - Ms Dugdale reveals she held secret talks with Nicola Sturgeon after the Brexit vote, and pledged Scottish Labour support for Nationalist efforts to keep Scotland in the European single market.

"We talked at length about how horrified we were at the result of the referendum," she says. "And I pledged at that point to do everything I could, with the powers I had, to support Scotland having as strong a relationship with the rest of Europe as possible.

"And the flipside of that was if you want our support you have to be transparent and open with us, privately or otherwise, about how that can be done. And that is how we embarked from July onwards."

Labour pains before birth of UK federalism

22 May, 2017 (Scottish Labour manifesto launch)

"In these 120 pages you will find our cast iron guarantee that we will oppose a second independence referendum.

"The Labour Party, built on solidarity and co-operation, could never support taking our country down a divisive path like that again - our country is divided enough."

Scottish Labour 'guarantees' indyref2 opposition

30 May, 2017 (BBC Scotland's Ask the Leaders interview)

"We think that a second independence referendum is unnecessary and unwanted. We don't support it and we don't support independence either.

"Why? I know what additional Tory austerity is doing right now. Take that and an additional £15bn of cuts on top of that and that's what you'd get with independence."

Labour 'clear' on independence referendum opposition

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