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Lib Dems will not challenge two-vote margin in Fife

Stephen Gethins wins Fife North East
Image caption Stephen Gethins held the seat for the SNP by just two votes

The Liberal Democrats have decided against challenging the result of the election in North East Fife in court.

Stephen Gethins held the seat for the SNP by a margin of just two votes over Lib Dem challenger Elizabeth Riches.

There were three recounts before the result was declared, with the Lib Dems asking for a fourth amid dispute over the validity of one ballot paper.

The party said it had decided there was insufficient evidence to justify a "lengthy and expensive" legal case.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: "Many people have asked us to challenge the result in court.

"We have given this careful consideration and, despite legal advice that we would have grounds to challenge the result, it has been decided not to go to court.

"We have decided there is insufficient evidence to justify a lengthy and expensive legal challenge. It would be expensive for us, expensive to the taxpayer and an inconvenience to the voters, so we could not sanction that without sufficient evidence to warrant it."

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