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Salmond's Edinburgh Fringe show sells out

alex salmond Image copyright PA

Alex Salmond's two-week stint at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has completely sold out.

The former first minister is to star in Alex Salmond Unleashed at the annual arts festival in August.

All 15 performances have now sold out - with Mr Salmond selling a total of 5,250 tickets at the 350-capacity Assembly Rooms.

The show is described as a "festival of fun, friends and freedom", and a chance to find out what he "really thinks".

The 62-year-old former SNP leader will be joined on stage with a different celebrity guest each night, with the promise of "light-hearted banter and a few behind the scenes revelations about his time in power".

Tickets had been on sale at £22.50 each, or £17.50 for concessions.

Speaking as he announced the show earlier this month, Mr Salmond said: "I have always fancied a spot at the Edinburgh Fringe and this is going to be lots of fun.

"Obviously in the show there will be lots about politics but the emphasis will be very much on the lighter side.

"Among the invited guests there is already plenty of excitement and quite a few surprises. I suspect some people might be taken aback at the range of friends whom I invite along."

Mr Salmond lost his Westminster seat in June's general election. It has been reported that former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, who also lost her seat in the election, will be one of the producers of his show.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's appearance at the fringe has also sold out.

Mr Corbyn will be appearing at the New Town Theatre on 27 August, when he will speak to comedian and broadcaster Susan Morrison about "what makes him tick, how he deals with adversity, and why our country, and its politics, needs to be transformed".