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At-a-glance: Scotland's legislative programme 2017-18

The Scottish government plans to introduce 16 new bills during the 2017-18 session of the Scottish Parliament. Here is a look at those bills in more detail.

Budget Bill

The annual Budget Bill provides parliamentary approval for the Scottish government's spending plans.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also announced that she would work with all parties to open a discussion on income tax in Scotland.

Climate Change Bill

This bill sets out "ambitious" new targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It will also introduce low emission zones in Scotland's four biggest cities by 2020.

Ms Sturgeon said a further target in the bill would be for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032 - eight years ahead of the target set by the UK government.

Crown Estates Bill

The Crown Estate Bill will establish a framework for the management of Crown Estate assets. It aims to ensure that Scotland's local communities, authorities and industry can benefit from this change.

Damages Bill

This bill will amend the law on the Personal Injury Discount Rate following a joint consultation with the UK government. It will also enable courts to impose periodical payment orders when making an award of damages for a personal injury.

Education Bill

The bill will take forward the programme of education reform which began in the last parliament.

Included in the bill are plans to establish a head teachers' charter, improve parental and community engagement, as well as strengthening the voice of children in supporting pupil participation.

The Scottish government also said it would provide a "fair and transparent funding system".

Read more analysis on the Scottish government's plans for education here.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Bill

This bill will make changes to the laws around second homes and allow Additional Dwelling Supplements to be retrospectively reclaimed in some circumstances.

Management of Offenders Bill

The bill will include measures to enable new technologies to be used for electronic monitoring - and allow this sort of monitoring to be used as part of more community sentences and orders.

It will also reduce the length of time which many people will be required to self-disclose previous offences and make the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 more accessible for individuals and employers using the legislation.

Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill

The bill will increase the minimum age of responsibility from eight to 12, which the first minister said was in line with "international norms".

Ms Sturgeon also announced that the Scottish government would not oppose John Finnie's proposals to prohibit the physical punishment of children

Organ and tissue donation bill

This bill will establish a "soft" opt-out system for the authorisation of organ and tissue donation and is designed to allow more lives to be saved by organ donation.

Planning Bill

This bill includes measures for a "simpler, more effective" system of development plans so it is clearer how areas will develop in the future.

The Scottish government said that communities would have better opportunities to influence the future of their areas as a result of the bill.

Prescription Bill

This bill implements the recommendations of a Scottish Law Commission Report to ensure the law of "negative prescription" is clear and fair. Negative prescription establishes the time-limit within which an aggrieved person must raise a claim in court.

Safe Staffing Bill

The Safe Staffing Bill will deliver on a commitment to enshrine in law the principles of safe staffing in the NHS. It is designed to ensure that nationally-agreed workload and workforce planning tools are applied.

Sexual Offences (Pardons and Disregards) Bill

This bill will ensure that people convicted of offences related to same-sex sexual activity that is now legal will receive an automatic pardon.

The bill will also enable those pardoned to apply to have such convictions removed from criminal records.

Transport Bill

The Transport Bill includes provisions on smart ticketing on public transport and will tackle "obstructive and inconsiderate" parking.

It aims to enhance and improve the role of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner and make changes to the the wider regulation of road works. It also contains measures to help improve local bus services.

Vulnerable Witnesses and Pre-recorded Evidence Bill

The bill builds on a review of evidence and procedure by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

It will remove legislative barriers to allow the greater use of pre-recorded evidence for child and vulnerable adult witnesses.

Warm Homes Bill

The Warm Homes Bill will set a new statutory target on fuel poverty which the Scottish government said would further progress on this issue.

It will also include measures to improve the energy efficiency of Scotland's homes.