Labour leadership candidates will accept close result

media captionBoth men said they would accept the result to be announced on 18 November

The two men vying to become the next leader of Scottish Labour have said they will not challenge the result, even if the vote is close.

Supporters of Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard have both previously raised concerns about the sign-up process for those eligible to vote.

Mr Sarwar confirmed he had previously sought legal advice, but did not intend to act on it.

Both men said they would rally behind the victor, announced on 18 November.

Mr Sarwar was asked on the BBC's Sunday Politics Scotland programme if he had sought QC's advice over the legality of the election.

He said: "We raised concerns brought to us about the sign-up process"

He added: "I think there should be a level playing field. It should be the same for everybody.

"We were told that there wasn't. We took it to the procedures committee. It was a matter for the procedures committee."

'Robust process'

But he said he did not plan to challenge the result if he were to lose, even if it was by a narrow margin.

He said: "After this contest, whoever wins, we unite behind them and get in behind them. If Richard wins, I will be a solid supporter of Richard."

Asked the same question, Mr Leonard replied: "I will accept the result. I have not sought QC's advice or opinion on any of this.

"I put my faith in the internal Labour Party process. I think it is a fairly robust process.

"Occasions where people have been found out who shouldn't have a ballot, their names have come to light precisely because the checks and balances work within the Labour Party."