Scottish Labour announce EU election candidates

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Scottish Labour MEP candidatesImage source, Scottish Labour
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The Scottish Labour candidates are, clockwise, David Martin, Jayne Baxter, Craig Miller, Amy Lee Fraioli, Callum O'Dwyer and Angela Bretherton

The Scottish Labour Party has announced its candidates for next month's European Parliament election.

The list of six candidates - three women and three men - is headed by David Martin, who has been a member of the European Parliament since 1984.

Party leader Richard Leonard said the election was a chance to reject "British and Scottish nationalism".

The election will be held on 23 May, unless the UK agrees a deal to leave the EU before then.

Scotland will be treated as a single constituency in the election, with six MEPs being elected based on the proportion of votes each of the parties receive.

The full list of Scottish Labour candidates is:

  1. David Martin
  2. Jayne Baxter
  3. Craig Miller
  4. Amy Lee Fraioli
  5. Callum O'Dwyer
  6. Angela Bretherton

Mr Leonard said: "These elections may be unexpected but they are an opportunity for the people of Scotland to reject nationalism - both Scottish and British - and to elect representatives to the European Parliament who will support the construction of a people's Europe.

"That is why I am urging people to be more than just voters in this election, I'm asking them to join our campaign.

"A campaign to defeat the right-wing populism of Farage and UKIP, and help build a movement for radical reform and real change in the European Union as part of the Party of European Socialists alliance."