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Polls close in European elections

polling place in edinburgh Image copyright PA

Voting in Scotland for the European elections has closed.

A total of six Scottish MEPs are being elected using a form of proportional representation. Polls were open from 07:00-22:00.

Elections were also held across the rest of the UK on Thursday, and will take place in other EU member countries over the next three days.

However, the results of the vote will not be known until after 22:00 on Sunday.

How do the European parliamentary elections work?

Voters across the UK will choose a total of 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies, with Scotland classed as a single constituency.

Each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.

UK's 12 MEP regions

ConstituencyMEP numbers
East Midlands5
East of England7
North East3
North West8
Northern Ireland3
South East10
South West6
West Midlands7
Yorkshire and the Humber6

MEPs are elected in order as listed by their party, based on the parties' total share of the vote in each region.

In Scotland, Wales and the nine English regions, the number of MEPs for each party is calculated using a form of proportional representation known as the D'Hondt formula, a complex system devised by Belgian mathematician and lawyer Victor D'Hondt in the late 19th Century.

The process is slightly different in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used. Here is a guide to how the two work.

Voting times

The UK voted between 07:00 and 22:00 on Thursday. The Netherlands voted the same day, but voting in other EU nations will take place at varying times over the following three days, with the whole process completed by 22:00 on Sunday.

When will I know the result?

Counting is also done on a country by country basis - but the results are kept secret until all voting is finished. They will be announced from 22:00 on Sunday.