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Dumfries and Galloway teacher refresh gets second round

Dumfries and Galloway Council has launched a second phase of a programme to allow senior teachers to retire while bringing in new staff.

A total of 117 staff left last year in the first round of the scheme.

It resulted in up-front costs of nearly £600,000 but it is estimated that will be recouped by next year and then start to generate savings.

The second round of the refresh scheme is being limited to staff in the secondary sector.

Despite initial concerns about the loss of experience from the classroom, Timothy Birrell, who represents secondary teachers on the council's education committee, said the overall experience had been a positive one.

"It has brought a great deal of new, talented and enthusiastic young teachers into the profession," he said.

"And it has allowed quite a number of staff who would have been considering retirement over the next few years to take advantage of that slightly earlier than they would have otherwise been able to," he added.

Director of Education Colin Grant said the scheme had been "largely welcomed" and offered a "real opportunity" for young teachers ready to commit themselves to the profession.

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