South Scotland

Speeder mistook kilometres for miles

A mix-up between miles and kilometres per hour led to a Chinese driver being caught speeding, a court has heard.

Tianfang Fan, 23, was caught on Monday driving at speeds of up to 120mph on the A74(M).

Dumfries Sheriff Court heard the following day that relatives had told Fan the limit was 110 but that had been in kilometres per hour.

He was fined £300, banned from driving for a year and told to resit his test after admitting dangerous driving.

Fan is a student at Keele University, and is due to return to Beijing next month.

Solicitor Ranald Lindsay said his client had been driving for the first time in the UK during a holiday in the Isle of Skye and Edinburgh.

He was first spotted travelling on the motorway in Dumfries and Galloway at 114mph and police had given chase.

The court was told he had not initially seen the police car following him due to traffic on the road.

He admitted driving dangerously while unaware of the unmarked vehicle with its lights flashing and siren sounding.

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