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Dumfries rabbit owner banned after suffering case

A Dumfries woman has been banned from keeping animals for 20 years after she caused unnecessary suffering to a rabbit and a cat.

Angela Bell, 34, admitted committing the offence between July and September last year.

A court was told they were found in "dreadful" conditions and the rabbit had to be put down to prevent it suffering any further.

In addition to the ban, Bell was fined £200 at Dumfries Sheriff Court.

Animal cruelty inspectors visited her flat after receiving an anonymous tip-off and found the animals covered with fleas in a bedroom.

The rabbit was described as "more than emaciated" and "failing to respond to sound or touch".

There were other animals in the house - three dogs, a hamster and 17 fish belonging to Bell's sister but they were all unharmed.

Bell admitted failing to ensure the rabbit had sufficient food and water and failing to get it veterinary attention.

She also pleaded guilty to failing to provide a suitable environment for the animals.

Solicitor Liz Dougan said that Bell was ashamed of herself and at the time had various problems and was suffering from depression.

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