In pictures: Buccleuch miniatures on display at Bowhill

Image caption, Fifty tiny portraits from the Buccleuch Collection have gone on display as part of an exhibition at Bowhill House near Selkirk. All images courtesy of the Duke of Buccleuch
Image caption, The artworks include an unfinished portrait of Oliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper
Image caption, The collection was co-curated by the duke and Dr Stephen Lloyd, former senior curator of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. A previous Duke of Buccleuch is captured in one piece
Image caption, Subjects depicted in the portrait miniature collection range from kings and queens to cats and dogs - such as this tabby
Image caption, The event aims to allow the artworks to be seen "in their proper glory" for the first time. Queen Elizabeth is another monarch to feature
Image caption, The exhibition - including an image of King Henry VIII - is on display at Bowhill House throughout the month of July

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