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Annan attacker Sheila Waugh asked if victim was dead

A court has heard how a woman who attacked a man in Annan told police she had not stabbed him hard enough and asked: "Is he dead yet?".

Sheila Waugh, 53, assaulted Stewart Gilmour in her home in the Dumfries and Galloway town in February.

She had been accused of attempted murder but was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow of the lesser charge of assault to danger of life.

Judge John Morris QC deferred sentencing on Waugh until next month.

A jury was told how when police arrived at the crime scene, Waugh showed no sympathy for her victim.

She told police: "I stabbed him - it was not hard enough. Is he dead yet?"

On being informed Mr Gilmour, 53, was still alive, Waugh replied: "I should have killed him. I got him on the neck a good one."

She later added: "I'm guilty. I've stabbed him. I should have put a bigger knife in him."

Caught on neck

Mr Gilmour earlier told the court how he had been at Waugh's home and initially there had been a good atmosphere.

She later asked him twice to leave, but he refused.

The jury heard she then came into the living room from the kitchen swinging two knives.

Mr Gilmour said: "I stepped towards her and one of the knives caught me on the neck.

"As I went towards her, she was saying: 'Get away from me'."

However, the victim claimed he believed what happened to him had been "an accident".

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