South Scotland

Hunt for injured lamb which lost ear in dog attack on Hawick Moor

Efforts are being made to find an injured lamb which had its ear torn off by a dog.

The lamb was attacked on Hawick Moor on Sunday afternoon when two men were seen walking three dogs which they were failing to control.

Its ear has been recovered and it is being kept on ice but the farmer has yet to find the injured sheep.

A vet may still be able to re-attach the ear and save the sheep if it can be found, police said.

PC Brian Murray said: "This incident has not only caused considerable distress to the sheep and its owner, it has also caused destruction to the farmer's property.

"We are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed this incident to contact us immediately, as a vet may still be able to save the sheep and attach its ear."

The men, who were in their early twenties, were seen walking a brindle boxer cross, a grey lurcher and a tawny brown terrier.

They walked from St Martin's Bridge to Hawick Moor at about 15:00 on Sunday.

It is a busy local area for walkers and police believe there may have been a number of witnesses to the incident.

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