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Dumfries hospital road plans reconsidered

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Image caption Traffic lights at the end of Pleasance Avenue are part of the hospital access road plans

Public concern has forced a rethink of traffic management plans for roads leading to a new hospital in Dumfries.

The blueprint included traffic lights at the junction of Pleasance Avenue and New Abbey Road and re-alignment of part of Dalbeattie Road onto Park Road.

Dumfries and Galloway Council officials have been asked to go back over the plans to look at alternative options.

Further consultation will also be carried out with residents in the area over the project.

Abbey councillor Ian Blake said there was one part of the proposals which was clearly the most unpopular.

"The realignment of Dalbeattie Road and Park Road and the traffic congestion on Park Road undoubtedly has been the biggest issue," he said.

"There are certainly some concerns on Pleasance Avenue/New Abbey Road and the introduction of traffic lights where the initial proposal was to look at a roundabout.

"It may not be possible to place a roundabout there but I think they still have to have that option on the table and they really need to examine it and explain why that couldn't take place."

'Pinch point'

Council leader Ronnie Nicholson, who proposed the re-examination of the traffic management plans, agreed that the road realignment proposal stood out as a major sticking point.

He said there was a need to look again at all the proposals and the thinking behind them.

"We have got plenty of time to go back out, have a look at the plans and rejig them if necessary - and I think it is necessary on a couple of aspects of it," he said.

He said the reason for roundabout plans at the "pinch point" on Pleasance Avenue being replaced by traffic lights needed to be made clearer.

"If there is a reasonable explanation and people are informed about it then they can make their mind up whether that is an appropriate way to go," he added.

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