South Scotland

Dog owner to put down pet which bit woman in Annan

A sheriff has allowed the owner of a Japanese Akita dog which bit a woman to make her own arrangements to have the pet put down.

A court heard it was the second time the animal had bitten someone.

Gosia Wasilewska, 28, of Annan, admitted being the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control and bit a woman in the town last June.

Sheriff George Jamieson said he would have ordered the dog be destroyed but gave her three weeks to arrange it.

Wasilewska told the court that the three-year-old dog, called Echo, had been wearing a muzzle while she walked him.

However, as it was a hot day and they were close to home, she had taken it off to allow him to breathe more easily.

She said that when the victim had come towards her and put up her hands the dog had jumped up.

The sheriff said that he would order compensation of £200 to the woman when the case was called again.

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