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Hartree House wedding venue time limit condition lifted

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Image caption A reporter ruled there was no need for a "trial run" of two years at the wedding venue

A Scottish government reporter has ruled a two-year limit on the use of a historic Borders mansion as a wedding venue should be lifted.

Scottish Borders Council imposed the condition in granting the permission at Hartree House near Biggar last year.

A reporter decided it was unnecessary to subject the approval to what amounted to a "trial run".

However, he upheld restrictions on the number of weddings per month and per calendar year.

The local authority granted permission to turn the house and gardens into a wedding venue with marquees in July 2016.

'Reasonable' conditions

It placed a number of conditions on the approval and an appeal was lodged against three of them.

The first limited the permission to two years from the date of consent but that has now been overturned.

Two other conditions limit the number of weddings to 15 per calendar year and two per month without the prior approval of the council.

A reporter found those to be "reasonable" and allowed them to stand.

He also concluded the council had not acted in an unreasonable manner and made no expenses award against it.

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