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Glentress bike crash boy's skull saved by helmet

David Jackson Image copyright Pip Jackson
Image caption David Jackson suffered concussion and cuts and bruises in his crash

A 10-year-old boy's mountain bike crash has prompted a plea to cyclists to always wear a helmet.

David Jackson was involved in an accident at the Glentress site in the Scottish Borders on Friday evening.

He came off his bike and crashed face first with a large stone getting lodged in the helmet he was wearing.

He suffered concussion and cuts and bruises but his mother said that without the helmet the outcome could have been much more serious.

Pip Jackson, of Innerleithen, told the BBC Scotland news website: "It was Friday evening and he was out on an organised ride.

"They were up doing the red route at Glentress, a spot that he had done lots of times before but this time he got it a bit wrong.

"He overcooked the jump a wee bit, came off and landed on his face and then flipped over onto his back."

His father, Neil, was following him and watched the scene unfold.

He is a member of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team and has helped out at similar incidents in the past which is one of the reasons why they insist on wearing a helmet on a bike at all times.

"The helmet did its job," said Ms Jackson. "It has taken the full brunt of the impact.

Image copyright Pip Jackson
Image caption A stone lodged in David Jackson's bike helmet during the accident

"There is a stone lodged in his helmet which would have been lodged in his skull.

"If he had not put his helmet on there would have been a completely different outcome."

The TVMRT were on the scene quickly to help David before he was transferred to hospital by ambulance.

There were initial concerns that he might have suffered a spinal or neck injury in the crash.

TVMRT deputy team leader Dave Wright said: "Any incident that involves a mountain bike rider coming off at any sort of speed could potentially lead to serious consequences.

"We immobilised his neck and treated David for a suspected neck injury.

"Eleven team members responded and David was taken to hospital."

'Different outcome'

Mr Wright agreed that it showed the importance of wearing a helmet.

"If he had been hit on his head with that rock it would have been a very different outcome," he said.

"It shows how serious it could have been if he had not been wearing the helmet."

David has suffered a concussion which means he will have to stay off his bike for a couple of weeks, as well as cuts and bruises.

His parents do not let him out on his bike - even in the garden - without a helmet and they hope others will follow their example.

Ms Jackson said that was why they had put pictures onto social media via TVMRT to share their story.

"If one person now puts a helmet on that normally wouldn't then that's done its job," she said.

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