Dumfries police make parking ticket pledge

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Car on yellow linesImage source, PA

Police in Dumfries have said they are still issuing hundreds of penalties every year for parking offences.

It came in response to concerns from councillors about the number of drivers flouting restrictions in the town.

Ch Insp Stephen Stiff said officers would always act if there was an obstruction or disabled parking bays were being used illegally.

However, he added that other waiting time offences could not be given the same level of priority.

"I think the difficulty arises for me is if there is an expectation there that the police officers will continue to perhaps patrol the likes of disc parking areas," he said.

"I am not saying we don't do that - what I am saying is that we will do that sporadically.

"But I can't give a commitment that that is going to be treated as a policing priority.

"I am sure that the vast majority of the public out there would agree that that shouldn't take place."

He said the likes of violent crime, drug offences and house break-ins would always take priority over "more routine parking issues".

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