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Appeal to solve decades old camera film mystery

Picture from camera Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption The photographs were found on a camera bought in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh

A photographer is trying to trace the rightful owner of lost images taken decades ago using a camera that ended up in an Edinburgh charity shop.

Graeme Webb, of Hawick, discovered the film inside the Kodak Portrait Brownie 620, purchased in Stockbridge.

Despite the camera's age, he was able to develop eight of the black and white images.

Mr Webb believes they date back to the 1950s or 1960s and he hopes to give them to the family they belong to.

Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption The camera was bought from a charity shop in Edinburgh

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme he collected old cameras, box brownies in particular.

However, he got more than he bargained for with his most recent purchase.

"I was excited and kind of hopeful I would get something from the film - with it being that kind of age you just never know," he explained.

"I was apprehensive but excited at the same time.

"I developed it myself, I have got a small dark room for developing film so I processed it through that."

Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption One of the pictures on the camera features three women

He said he was surprised at the quality of the pictures produced.

"After developing it and taking it out of the tank - that is when you first get to see if there are any images - I was delighted to see that there was a full film of eight images and they were pretty clear at that point," he said.

"They show a family. In particular there seems to be a small baby, a couple of pictures of a small child and there is a couple - a man and a woman - and there are three ladies as well.

"They are all dressed probably from the 1950s."

Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption Another image shows a man and a woman

He has put the pictures on social media and hopes anyone with information will contact him via his website.

"I would love to track down the people that are in the pictures," he said.

"Obviously the baby will no longer be a baby so it would be great to be able to say: 'These are your pictures that have been lost for the last 50 or 60 years.'"

Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption Mr Webb said all the pictures from the camera were "pretty clear"
Image copyright Graeme Webb
Image caption Anyone who can help identify the people in the images has been asked to contact the photographer

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