James Clerk Maxwell celebrated at final resting place in Parton

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James Clerk Maxwell is being celebrated in the village where he is buried

The scientist described as "Scotland's forgotten Einstein" is to be celebrated at his final resting place.

James Clerk Maxwell grew up near Parton in Dumfries and Galloway and is also buried there.

A special science festival is being held in the village this weekend in honour of his achievements.

McNabb Laurie, Galloway Glens team leader, said it was a chance to raise the profile of Maxwell who he described as "one of the greats".

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Maxwell was laid to rest at the church in Parton near where he grew up

A range of events has been planned across the weekend to celebrate his work.

Born in Edinburgh in 1831, Maxwell moved to Glenlair in Dumfries and Galloway as a child.

He attended university in both Edinburgh and Cambridge where his scientific talent was soon recognised.

The concept of electromagnetic radiation originated with Maxwell and is credited as paving the way for Einstein's special theory of relativity.

He came to be recognised as the 19th Century scientist who had the greatest influence on physics in the following century.

Maxwell died in Cambridge in 1879 but was buried back in southern Scotland in Parton.

It is in that village where he will be recognised with events and workshops this Friday and Saturday.

It marks the launch of efforts to create some kind of permanent facility to honour the "local lad".