Tayside and Central Scotland

Dialect-brain boost link studied

Desperate Dan statue in Dundee. Photo courtesy of Undiscovered Scotland
Image caption The study is being carried out in Dundee

Dundonians over the age of 60 are being recruited for a new study of local dialect and brain power.

The aim of the study is to discover if speaking in a local tongue will help improve mental abilities later in life.

The study is being run by Neil Kirk, a psychology student at the university of Abertay Dundee.

It will involve a series of short puzzles and written questions to see how Dundonians use the local dialect and 'standard' English.

Mr Kirk said: "Dundonian is a rich dialect with a strong tradition, but as well as being culturally important we want to find out if speaking a local dialect actually helps keep you mentally fit.

"Studies have suggested strong links between speaking two or more languages and resisting the development of dementia."

Research supervisor Dr Ken Scott-Brown said: "Compared to studies of second languages, dialect studies are very few and far between."