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Dundee barmaid payout after text sacking

image captionKaren Ogilvie received the text message after sleeping in for her evening shift

A barmaid who was sacked by text message has been awarded more than £14,000 at an employment tribunal.

Karen Ogilvie overslept before an evening shift at the Gaiety Bar in Dundee on 3 January after working 11 hours the day before.

Later that evening she received a text message from her boss Louise Connarty saying she had been sacked.

Miss Ogilvie, from Dundee, was awarded £14,355 by employment judge Ian McFatridge after the hearing.

In a written judgement, Mr McFatridge said: "The tribunal were satisfied that the dismissal was procedurally and substantively unfair."

The tribunal was told Ms Connarty left her employee in the bar alone for more than four hours on 2 January, causing her stress and meaning she was unable to go to the toilet or clear glasses from tables.

Breach of contract

After missing the start of her shift the next day, Miss Ogilvie received a text message from Ms Connarty saying she had no option but to sack her for not turning up.

The hearing heard Miss Ogilvie sent numerous texts asking for her job back but had no reply. A subsequent letter from the Dundee North Law Centre in March, asking for information about Miss Ogilvie's dismissal, was also ignored.

Ms Connarty did not appear at the tribunal.

Miss Ogilvie was also awarded a further £1,296 for breach of contract and holiday entitlement.