Driver rammed Dunblane schoolboy after car taunts

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Grant Monaghan was angered by the boys mocking his car's powder blue colour

A teenager drove his car into a 14-year-old boy after becoming enraged at the boy's friends mocking its colour, a court has heard.

Grant Monaghan, 17, was "totally caught up by anger and upset" when he saw the group laughing at his powder blue car outside Dunblane High School.

The third-year pupil was knocked to the ground after being hit by the Ford Fiesta, injuring his leg.

Monaghan was found guilty of careless driving after a two-day trial.

He was fined £400 and given six penalty points.

Stirling Sheriff Court heard that Monaghan, from Dunblane, was dropping off his girlfriend at the high school on 18 September 2010 when the boys started taunting him.

Jumped away

The third-year pupil said he had been walking back up to school after buying lunch from Tesco when he saw a small "loud" blue car going up and down the street, and identified the driver as Monaghan.

He said the car was going faster than cars usually do up the road, and that Monaghan shouted at one of the boy's friends that he would be back soon in a "harsh tone".

The boy said the next thing he knew was that the car had rammed the back of his leg.

"He hit the back of my ankle. I saw it coming and jumped enough to get half my body out the way but it still caught my leg. I fell over and couldn't feel my leg," he said.

"After, he stuck his head out the window of the car and said 'I'm sorry for that' but not in a friendly way. He didn't really mean it."

Police became involved after the 14-year-old reported the incident to his teachers.

The court heard that the boy couldn't feel his leg for 15 minutes and it was sore for several days.

The boy's 13-year-old friend said he thought the incident was sparked by a group of them laughing at the colour of Monaghan's light blue car.

He said: "We were laughing at his car because it was light blue and he saw us and said 'I'll see you in two minutes'.

"He came back towards us at speed, mounted the car with three wheels on the pavement and hit my friend."

'Act of stupidity'

Monaghan denied alternative charges of assault, dangerous driving, and careless driving.

In evidence, he said he "didn't mean to hurt anyone" and had misjudged the distance.

Sheriff McCaffrey told Monaghan: "At the time in question I believe your driving was decided by your mood. You were totally caught up by the anger and upset you felt at this time and you lost control of your vehicle.

"You were much older than these boys and should have shown maturity in your actions and your driving.

"This was an act of stupidity."

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