Man flashed at lorry drivers on A9 for 'buzz'

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David Gray admitted three charges of indecent exposure

A man alarmed lorry drivers for months by standing naked on a dual carriageway exposing himself to oncoming traffic, a court has heard.

David Gray admitted he got a "buzz" by parking beside the A9 late at night, leaping out of his pick-up, and flashing to passing vehicles.

A series of lorry drivers reported incidents from February 2010 to 29 December, when Gray was arrested.

The 38-year-old pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent exposure.

He was placed on probation for three years.

Gillian Taylor, prosecuting, said the first incident was reported on 8 February 2010, when an HGV driver noticed a naked figure caught in his headlights at about 2330 GMT, two miles south of Balhaldie services, near Dunblane.

Ms Taylor said: "His attention was drawn to the accused standing completely naked in the roadway with his penis exposed."

The depute fiscal said the trucker did not stop, but noticed that the man was standing next to a distinctive blue pick up with silver wheel arches, parked in a lay-by.

The lorry driver contacted police on his mobile phone and continued his journey.


Stirling Sheriff Court heard the next incident occurred at 2335 BST on 31 August, when another long distance lorry driver saw the accused at the same spot.

Ms Taylor said: "He was completely naked and he was masturbating."

Again the trucker did not stop, but reported the incident to police.

The court was told that Gray, from Denny, Falkirk, was finally arrested on 29 December after lorry driver John Sneddon spotted him.

Mr Sneddon contacted the police, who arrived at the scene to find Gray sitting in the driver's seat of his blue pick up with the engine running and the heater on.

Gray's not guilty pleas to a further two alleged incidents of indecent exposure were accepted by the prosecution.

'Troubling' behaviour

Defence solicitor Frazer McCready said first offender Gray "could offer no reasonable explanation" for his course of conduct.

After reading a social inquiry report, Sheriff William Gilchrist placed Gray on probation for three years.

He said: "The social inquiry report doesn't tell us anything further in terms of explaining his behaviour.

"It remains a mystery other than that he himself has stated he got something of a buzz from performing these acts."

The sheriff added that the behaviour was "bizarre and troubling".

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