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Dunblane rape bid accused 'like the devil'

Jurors in an attempted rape trial have watched a 76-year-old woman break down weeping as she told of her ordeal.

The woman was recorded on video by police in Stirling Royal Infirmary the day after the alleged attack.

The High Court in Dumbarton also heard her describe the man accused of the assault as looking "like the devil".

Ryan Liddell, 20, denies assaulting and attempting to rape the woman in her first floor flat in Dunblane, Perthshire, on 14 June 2010.

He also denies attempting to defeat the ends of justice by washing his blood-stained clothing after the alleged attack in a bid to destroy evidence.

Jurors were shown the video on day three of the trial of Mr Liddell, from Dunblane.

The alleged victim, who was wearing a hospital gown and had one arm in a sling, was speaking to Dc Dawn Coffey, from Central Scotland Police.

She said she had left her front door unlocked, as her son was coming round for breakfast, only to see a man inside her flat.

The pensioner said: "He dragged me and took me into the bedroom. He took all my clothes off, my pants off and everything. He said he wanted to have sex."

She said that she was taken through to her living room floor with no clothes on, but her neighbour Annselina McInally heard her screaming.

The woman told the officer: "He said to me 'would you stop screaming?'. Mrs McInally heard me screaming. She knew there must be something wrong with me."

Her neighbour came round to her flat after her alleged attacker left to ask her what had happened, she said.

Head injuries

She appeared to weep as she added: "I was afraid he would come back and hammer me."

The 47-year-old daughter of the woman had earlier told the court that her mother, who has two granddaughters, had described the man after the alleged June 2010 incident as "like the devil" in appearance.

She said her mother had "deteriorated quite significantly both mentally and physically" since the alleged attack.

Dr Alan Grant, a GP and forensic medical examiner for the police, said he carried out an examination on the alleged victim on the day of the incident.

He said she had 13 injuries to her head, four injuries to her right arm and two broken teeth.

In his concluding report, he wrote: "This elderly lady has injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and the injuries on her face are consistent with being struck, punched or kicked."

He said it was unlikely the injuries were caused by a fall, as she had no injuries on the bony ridges of her face.

The trial before Lord Uist continues.

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