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Beechwood Park trees condemned after vandal attack

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Media captionMany of the trees have been damaged so badly they will have to be felled

Police are hunting a vandal who has been severely damaging trees in a Stirling Park over several months.

Many of the trees vandalised in Beechwood Park will now have to be felled after the "prolonged attack".

Community officer PC Matt Williams said large strips of bark had been removed from the mainly lime and cherry trees - a process known as "ringbarking".

It is thought the damage was done with an axe. The cost of replacing the trees could exceed several thousand pounds.

'Mindless act'

The damaged lime trees were planted in the mid-19th Century and the cherry trees were planted in 1953 to mark the coronation of the Queen.

PC Williams said ringbarking effectively killed the trees.

He said: "This is a totally mindless act, and cannot in any way be said to be an accident. There has been a sustained attack on mature trees with only one aim: to damage and destroy.

"It is also worth noting that whoever has carried out this act has access to, has been carrying and has definitely been using a sharp-bladed instrument.

"The consequences for carrying an instrument capable of carrying out this type of damage could also be severe."

Central Scotland Police have appealed to anyone with knowledge about the vandalism to contact them.

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