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Turkish man to be told how to treat women in the UK

A Turkish hairdresser who pulled a knife on his Scottish wife because she was "disrespectful" is to be lectured on how to treat women in the UK.

Fecri Konu produced the blade after his wife asked him to have breakfast on his own because she was busy talking to a sales rep.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said the matter was rooted in cultural differences.

Sentence was deferred, but Konu, who lives in Perth, was told to speak to a female social worker.

The court heard that Konu told Tayside Police: "That's what happens in a marriage," when they quizzed him about the incident.

Cultural perspective

Solicitor Alison McKay, defending, said: "What appears to be the crux of the matter is that there is a large cultural divide between the accused and his wife.

"From his perspective she acted in a disrespectful manner and it was worse to do that in front of another man, from his cultural perspective."

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: "You just need to look at the context and the accused's attitude to pick up that the root of this offence is cultural.

"On the face of it, the accused's wife was certainly acting in a perfectly normal manner.

"The problem is that the accused doesn't think that, because it is quite possible that in his homeland a wife wouldn't behave that way."

The sheriff said the situation was crying out for a supervision requirement in which Konu, 25, could have the cultural norms of the UK explained to him.

Different norms

He said: "If that isn't done it would not surprise me if he again finds himself in a situation where something occurs that he takes offence to which his wife finds perfectly normal.

"It is crying out for the accused to sit down with someone who will say 'here is the position'.

"There are differences in cultural norms and because you are living in this country you have to accept that."

Konu admitted breaching the peace on 13 March by shouting and swearing at his wife at Liza K Hairdressers in Perth.

He also admitted presenting the knife at her and telling her to stab him with it. Sentence was deferred for a social work report.

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