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Dandy owner DC Thomson to end comic's printed edition

image captionDC Thomson said the final print edition would not mark the end of characters like Desperate Dan

The publisher of one of the world's longest-running children's comics, The Dandy, has confirmed plans to stop printing the title.

DC Thomson said printing would end with a special edition released on the comic's 75th anniversary on 4 December.

However, the Dundee-based company insisted it would not be the end of The Dandy or its characters.

It said it had "exciting" online plans after sales slumped to 8,000 a week from a high of two million in the 50s.

The Dandy, which launched in 1937, has featured characters such as Bananaman, Korky the Cat, Cuddles and Dimples, and Beryl the Peril, along with Desperate Dan.

As well as issuing a special edition for the final print run, the comic will also include a reprint of the first edition of The Dandy.

DC Thomson's Ellis Watson said the company wanted to ensure the comic would be popular with future generations.

image captionThe Dandy is set to disappear from the shelves by the end of the year

Mr Watson explained: "We're counting down 110 days until the big 75th anniversary bash and we're working on some tremendously exciting things.

"Dan has certainly not eaten his last cow pie. All of The Dandy's characters are just 110 days away from a new lease of life."

A book celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Dandy was launched at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this week and the comic will also feature in exhibitions at the National Library of Scotland and the Cartoon Museum.

A bronze statue of Desperate Dan stands in Dundee city centre, alongside Minnie the Minx, from The Dandy's sister title The Beano.

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