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Police probing Perth sexual assault look at theft links

Police in Perth have said they are investigating possible links between the theft of handbags from a property in the city and a sexual assault.

Officers have not ruled out links between the thefts in the Dundee Road area of Perth and incidents in the Potterhill, Bridgend area of the city.

Last week, a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by an intruder in her home in Potterhill Gardens.

Forensic enquiries are continuing at that address.

Police said the information on the handbag theft had come to light following a public appeal.

Others respond

Acting Det Insp Marc Lorente said: ''We're grateful that the person responded to our appeal so quickly. The information that they have been able to provide will undoubtedly assist the investigation.

''We now hope that others will follow suit and come forward to pass on any information they might have.

"I have no doubts that there are people out there who either hold valuable information or who have seen something suspicious that can help us to get to the bottom of incidents that, understandably, have caused upset and concern in the local community.''

Police said the 23-year-old woman was woken by the intruder at about midnight on Monday in to Tuesday last week.

He threatened her and then sexually assaulted her.

At the time he was described as wearing a navy-coloured scarf, a dark coloured beanie hat, a black jacket, a grey jumper, khaki green waterproof trousers and a black belt.

Mattress theft

He also wore khaki green boots and spoke with an English accent.

Officers are also investigating the theft of a king-sized mattress taken from the woman's home later on Tuesday.

The enquiry team have released a detailed description of the man who was seen with the mattress.

He was white, slim, aged in his 40s, with short clippered hair at the back and sides and a short dark spike on top which was dark but greying.

At the time he was wearing dark green waterproof trousers and jacket. The trousers had thigh pockets.

Acting Det Insp Lorente said: ''We have searches continuing today long the route we believe this man took along the river in an effort to recover this mattress.

"At the same time I would ask anyone who saw this man or who has seen a mattress lying around in this general area to get in touch with us immediately.''

Enquiries are also continuing into an incident in Bridgend Court at about 7.30pm on 14 October, where a 68-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed in her own home.

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