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Abertay University restores defaced wall with graffiti

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Media captionArtist Ian Tayac commemorates Dundee's history of jute, jam and journalism

A university in Dundee has turned to a graffiti artist to help restore a defaced wall on one of its halls of residences.

Abertay University commissioned French artist Ian Tayac to repaint the wall in Lyon Street after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals.

The new mural references Dundee's industrial heritage in jute, jam and journalism.

It also features a number of the city's landmarks.

Ian Simpson, the university's director of operations, said: "The idea really came about after a problem we had with a piece of graffiti on one of the wall of the residences.

"We really didn't want to just paint it white again to create a blank canvas, essentially for the problem to repeat."

Brain storming

Mr Tayac said Abertay were really keen he included images of Dundee's past, especially jute, jam and journalism, in the mural.

He said: "It took a wee while to get it set up and to find the ideas for the wall.

"So, what I thought I could do is make a print press, with newspaper flying out of it. That way you've got journalism and on the newspaper I could have put anything about the jute or the jam."

Dundee icons

He has also tried to include famous Dundee landmarks.

He said: "We've got Abertay Library, Dudhope Castle, the Morgan Academy, Baxter Park and the Law Hill."

"I do think painting murals like this make a big difference, we've had lots of good positive comments from people around the neighbourhood."

Mr Simpson added: "We feel it really added something creative to the area, it's added something which has a bit of Dundee's history, looking back to jute jam and journalism, things of the past, but also references Abertay's place in the future industries, with computer games and so on.

"So we think it's creative, but also connects Abertay to the city in a way that engages people."

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