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Natalie Scott admits killing partner James Dornan with a wine glass

High Court Glasgow
Image caption Scott was on trial at the High Court in Glasgow

A woman has pled guilty to culpable homicide after killing her partner with a wine glass.

Natalie Scott was standing trial at the High Court in Glasgow for murder, but admitted the reduced charge.

Scott, 27, admitted striking James Dornan, 33, at their home in Stirling in March last year after he "flew into a rage" and claimed she was the victim of "systematic" domestic abuse.

Judge Lord Turnbull deferred sentencing for reports.

The court was told Mr Dornan had more than 30 convictions and had been jailed for housebreaking in 2011.

On the day of the attack, he was escorted back to the home the couple shared in Maitland Crescent, Stirling, by police officers as he was drunk.

The court heard that an argument later broke out between the couple. Mr Dornan was said to have then attacked his girlfriend, accusing her of being unfaithful.

He was then struck by Scott with a wine glass she was holding, causing it to break. Scott fled to a friend's home, where she said she had been "leathered" by her boyfriend.

'Systematic abuse'

When Scott returned to the house, Mr Dornan was lying on a bed, still alive, but the emergency services were not called until the next morning. By that time, nothing could be done to save him.

The court heard she later described her relationship with Mr Dornan as involving "regular physical and mental abuse" at his hands.

The police were involved in a number of reports of domestic violence between Scott and Mr Dornan, but these did not result in a prosecution as Scott was "reluctant" to make a complaint.

Prosecutor Mr McCormack said: "The deceased had admitted to a Crown witness, Gary Dornan, that he had hit the accused.

"The bruising could not be accurately dated but was consistent with systematic domestic abuse according to the doctor who examined her."

Scott was remanded in custody and will be sentenced later this year.