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Serial thief faces extended sentence after attack

Image caption The court heard McGuire insist he did not carry out the attack at the High Court in Glasgow

A serial thief is back behind bars after robbing a terrified woman on her way to work.

Stuart McGuire, 37, approached Gillian Rogers on Forthside Bridge in Stirling on the morning of 7 February this year.

McGuire snatched the 43-year-old's handbag and slit her thumb with a knife during the attack.

He was later identified by a distinctive skull and crossbones motif on his cap - but he insisted he was not in the area at the time.

However, a jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict following a three day trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

It then emerged that jobless McGuire was jailed for eight years in 2002 for similar attacks on women.

He was on home leave at the time from prison.

McGuire was also locked up for five years at the high court for assault and robbery in 1999.

Extended sentence

Judge John Morris QC said McGuire faces an extended sentence when he returns to the dock next month.

The trial heard how Mrs Rogers was attacked by McGuire, who then fled in a taxi and handed the driver £20 from the stolen money.

McGuire, of St Ninian's, Stirling, was detained by police as he sat upstairs on a bus later that day.

He insisted during his evidence that he had spent that morning at his mum's and had not been on Forthside Bridge.

Prosecutor Lorenzo Alonzi said McGuire had the "brass neck" to go up to his victim - but that this allowed the woman a "great look" at him.

Mr Alonzi asked McGuire: "Did she look like the sort of woman who was here to tell lies?

"I don't know - I don't know her." replied McGuire

A number of witnesses also identified McGuire as the attacker, wearing a skull and crossbones hat.

Mr Alonzi asked McGuire: "So, all these people are wrong?"

McGuire replied: "It is 100% not me."

McGuire has been remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on 3 September.

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