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OAP hit neighbour with her stick in parking space row

A pensioner has escaped punishment after battering her neighbour with a walking stick in a long-running row over a parking space.

Cathie Mustard was found guilty of assaulting her neighbour Jackie Fair and his daughter in Coupar Angus.

The 74-year-old said she had attacked Mr Fair because he was acting "the big man" and was "nosey".

However a Sheriff admonished her after hearing she had been of good behaviour since the attack in November 2012.

Mr Fair, 69, told Perth Sheriff Court that he and Mustard had been involved in a long-running feud over the parking space near their homes on George Street.

Mustard told police: "He was looking at me through the window, so I hit his car with my stick.

"He got out like he was the big man and just stood there - so I hit him. The daughter came over and I hit her as well."

'Really annoyed'

After hitting Mr Fair with the grey metal walking stick, Mustard was confronted by his daughter Kim Coran.

The two struggled over the stick before Mustard punched Mrs Coran in the face and kicked her.

Mustard said Mr Fair and his daughter had "really annoyed" her.

She said: "They got me so worked up. For years and years I've had to put up with their nonsense.

"He is always there - he has no need to be so nosey."

Mustard was found guilty of assaulting Mr Fair and his daughter on 29 November, 2012.

However Sheriff Michael Fletcher admonished the pensioner on the grounds she had behaved herself since the attack.

He said: "This was in November 2012 and she has been of good behaviour, so it seems the sting has been taken out of the situation at last."

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