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Andrew Perrie admits Dundee Wellgate Centre chilli spray stunt

A man has admitted sparking an emergency evacuation of Dundee's Wellgate Centre by letting off chilli spray in a job centre lift.

Andrew Perrie repeatedly used the "Kiss the Devil" spray in October.

The incident sparked a huge multi-agency response - with police, ambulance, firefighters and a hazardous materials unit rushing to the scene.

Perrie, 32, of Happyhillock Walk, Dundee, was warned he would almost certainly be jailed.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until next month for background reports.

Noxious gas

Two women were taken to hospital as a result of inhaling the "noxious" gas, which Perrie claimed he had found on a bus.

After pumping out a cloud of gas from the canister, Perrie calmly collected a form from the Job Centre office and left the building.

Moments later several women and children were left vomiting and with breathing difficulties after inhaling the gas in and around the lift.

Perrie was later identified from CCTV footage and traced.

The spray, which is intended for use on food, is sold online and is described as "off the scale" and "ultra insane" in terms of its spice level.

Perrie pleaded guilty to a charge of culpable and reckless conduct.

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