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Man, 67, stopped 999 call fire engine overtaking on A85

A driver almost ran a fire engine off the road by refusing to let it overtake on the way to an emergency call-out, a court heard.

John McIntyre was banned from driving following the incident on the A85 on 19 April.

The 67-year-old made a rude gesture at firefighters when they eventually managed to pass him, having twice had to take evasive action while trying to overtake with lights and siren on.

McIntyre was also fined £450.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that the fire engine was making its way to an emergency call in Crieff just after 14:00 when the crew encountered McIntyre's blue Ford Focus on the A85.

While other vehicles pulled aside to let the appliance pass, McIntyre continued on at between 40 and 50mph.

'Crucially important'

The engine tried to pass his car several times, but was forced back in lane by oncoming traffic, having to take evasive action as McIntyre "refused to slow down".

When the engine finally managed to pass McIntyre's car, he was seen shouting and gesticulating.

The Crieff man admitted driving carelessly by failing to let the appliance pass and forcing it to take evasive action, although his solicitor said McIntyre "did not feel he had been doing anything wrong".

Sheriff Fiona Tait told him: "On three occasions you failed to let an emergency vehicle pass. Then once it got past you gesticulated, which indicates that you set your mind against letting them pass.

"It is crucially important that emergency services are not impeded when they are carrying out their duties."

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