Alloa supermarket's 'quiet hour' for autistic customers

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The company said feedback from customers during a trial run had been "overwhelmingly positive"

An Alloa supermarket has introduced a "quiet hour" to help customers with conditions that make noise and commotion difficult to deal with.

The Auld Brig Road Tesco Extra will switch off music, the public address system and other electronic systems including display televisions.

The quiet hour will take place between 18:00 and 19:00 on Wednesdays.

The company said feedback from customers during a trial run had been "overwhelmingly positive."

Samantha Garson, senior autism practitioner at New Struan School in Alloa, said: "People with autism often have a "sensory overload" due to their difficulty in processing everyday sensory information.

"Any of the senses can be over or under-sensitive, which can obviously be very distressing for the individual."

Ms Garson said making small changes, such as the quiet hour, could have a "hugely beneficial impact".

She said: "The Tesco Extra store in Alloa will be a much friendlier environment for people with autism and other disorders, taking the stress out of shopping for both parents with children on the autism spectrum and for adults with autism."

The store's manager Rob McLean said: "We welcome the opportunity to make these small changes for customers who feel stressed or intimidated by noise and disturbance.

"We are looking forward to be able to give people with autism and their families a calmer, more positive shopping experience."

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