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Karaoke dog Jake is Top of the Pups

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Media captionJake has been filmed in his local pub singing on a karaoke night

A working dog with a love of Guinness and karaoke is proving to be a hit with visitors to Arbroath harbour.

Four-year-old terrier Jake scares off the seagulls at the Angus town, watched on by his owner, harbour assistant Carl Nielsen.

Jake, who has his own Facebook page, has a particular fondness for the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd during karaoke sessions.

He joins in with regulars at the Stag's Head in Carnoustie.

Mr Nielsen, 39, told BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie programme: "Jake's a loveable character really.

"Everybody loves him, everybody knows him and everybody knows how to make him talk.

"There are certain specific words we can use and he'll sing along to.

"He sings Beach Boys songs, he loves Sloop John B and he loves singing along to the solo guitar parts of Pink Floyd."

Scaring seagulls

Jake, who wears a lifejacket while on patrol has worked at the harbour since he was a puppy.

Mr Nielsen said: "As soon as he gets his jacket on he knows he's going to work and as soon as it's taken off he knows he's chilling out.

"If a seagull lands on the quayside, he'll run after it and scare it off.

"If people are eating sandwiches or eating ice-cream on the front, the seagulls are basically kept at bay by Jake the harbour dog.

"Otherwise the seagulls would be dive bombing you, they'd be trying to take sandwiches out of your hands.

"These aren't ordinary seagulls, they're genetically modified or something, they're huge."

As well as karaoke, Mr Nielsen said Jake was partial to a sip of "the dregs" of a pint of Guinness after a day's work.

He said: "He basically just patrols the harbour, he never goes on a dog lead.

"He's constantly running around meeting people, he isn't shy, he isn't aggressive.

"It's the ideal life for a dog, I think."

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