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Home raider traced after calling mother on stolen phone

A man who was arrested after calling his mother from a stolen phone shortly after taking it from a house in Dundee has been jailed for a year.

Gary Gibson was caught after the homeowner's mobile operator told them the thief had phoned a number in the middle of the night.

A court heard the number was Gibson's mother's and he had given it to police during a previous arrest.

Gibson, 27, admitted stealing the phone and the family's £25,000 Audi A3.

Depute fiscal Vicki Bell told Dundee Sheriff Court: "The car was later found and CCTV footage showed it being parked and the occupant getting out.

"Further CCTV was obtained and showed the accused was the driver."

Anne Duffy, defending, said: "He understands there will be no alternative to custody.

"It was purely opportunistic that he saw the property was unsecured."

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