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Doctor's drug death trial told of 'take all the medicines' text

High Court in Edinburgh
Image caption The High Court in Edinburgh was told phones belonging to the two women were examined

A woman who was allegedly killed by a Dundee doctor received a text telling her to "take all the medicines on top of the cooker that I've left out", a trial heard.

Louise McGowan, 27, received the message from "Kate" the day before her death from an iPhone owned by Katy McAllister, a jury was told.

The medic is accused of causing Mrs McGowan's death by allegedly giving her drugs.

Ms McAllister denies the charge.

Det Con Stewart Woodhouse, 29, told the High Court in Edinburgh that he examined mobile phones which belonged to the two women.

'Different types'

Mr Woodhouse said a message found on Ms McAllister's phone referred to a tattoo which Mrs McGowan was receiving from a man called Sean, who jurors heard earlier was Mrs McGowan's husband.

It said: "Well I got violin 'til half one so if you want to wander down for about one or quarter past one, let yourself in and take all the medicines on top of the cooker that I've left out.

"It'll look like a lot but at least four of them are different types - anti sickness - rest will be paracetamol, brufin, codeine, tramadol, which are ones I tried with you already.

"They're just the ones that take an hour to work so take them nearer one so Sean can actually start tattooing at two."

'Relaxed and sleepy'

The message continued: "Tell him to get everything set up while you're out.

"Cosy up on the couch and watch my telly for a bit. Just let yourself get more and more relaxed and sleepy - don't fight it.

"Just cosy up on the couch. By the time I get back you'll feel like you've had a few G&Ts.

"I'll top up with the faster acting ones when I get back and we'll get you staggering up to the shop to get tattooed by two at the latest.

"How does that sound? Kate x"

'Good patient'

Mr Woodhouse said texts found on Ms McAllister's phone showed that other messages were sent to Mrs McGowan, who also replied to them.

One message sent to Ms McAllister's handset said: "Okey dokey. I'll try and be a good patient though he he xxx".

Later in the evening, a message sent from the medic's iPhone asked how Mrs McGowan was.

Her husband replied: "Hey Katy. This is Sean on Louise's phone. Got her home.

"Walking was a bad idea. She's sleeping now. Snoring away."

Mr Woodhouse agreed with a suggestion made by prosecutor Tim Niven Smith that just because a text message was sent from a person's phone, it did not necessarily mean that the phone's owner had composed the text.

'Potentially lethal'

Prosecutors allege that on 9 May, 2015, at her home address, and Voodoo Tattoo in the city's Perth Road, Ms McAllister "did recklessly and unlawfully" supply controlled and "potentially lethal" drugs to Mrs McGowan.

The Crown alleges that the drugs supplied to Mrs McGowan were tramadol, diazepam and temazepam.

Ms McAllister is also alleged to have supplied Mrs McGowan with codeine, diphenhydramine and cyclizine.

The indictment states Mrs McGowan, of Dundee, "ingested" the drugs and died a day later.

The trial before judge Graham Buchanan QC continues.

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