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Dogs targeted with rat poison-laced meatballs in Grangemouth

Poisoned meatballs Image copyright ChampionVet Grangemouth
Image caption The rat poison pellets were tightly packed inside the meatballs

Two dogs required emergency veterinary treatment after eating raw meatballs deliberately laced with rat poison in Grangemouth.

The incident took place in the town's Kings Road on Wednesday.

Championvet.com in Grangemouth said both animals were treated within an hour of eating the meatballs and were "doing very well".

Police Scotland confirmed that it was investigating the full circumstances of the incident.

Veterinary surgeon Bobby Kirby, who treated the dogs, said the incident was "a horrible thing to see".

He said: "We have had cases along the canal where they have put rat poison down and advertised it, but it has never been put inside another food.

"It would never be put inside a mince meatball, which was obviously packed around it.

"It certainly implies it was done to trap an animal into eating it."

Quick reaction

Mr Kirby said the owner's quick reaction meant the dogs could receive immediate emergency care.

He said: "Because it was still within an hour of them having eaten them, we could make them sick.

"They managed to bring up a whole host of mince and rat poison at that stage."

The dogs were also given blood thinners and medication to absorb any toxins that may have gone further into their guts.

Mr Kirby advised dog owners to keep animals away from any foodstuffs on the ground.

He said: "You never know where it's been.

"Even if it isn't laced with poison, it could be contaminated in other ways."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Police in Grangemouth received a report of a suspected poisoning of two dogs in Kings Road on Wednesday 31 May.

"Inquiries are ongoing into the full circumstances."

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