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Falkirk chip shop deep fries Christmas mince pies

deep fried mince pie Image copyright PA
Image caption The deep fried mince pie is not proving as popular as the pigs in blankets supper

A Scottish chip shop has taken the phenomenon of deep-fried treats to new levels this Christmas.

New Union Chippie in Camelon, near Falkirk, is serving up deep-fried mince pies and pigs in blankets over the festive season.

The shop began selling the battered treats as part of a winter shake-up of the menu.

Staff said sausage suppers were even falling in favour after their introduction.

Owner Jim Beck said: "I'm actually selling more pigs in a blanket suppers than I am sausage suppers.

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Image caption Pigs in blankets, chip shop-style

"It was Kerris (the manager) who came up with the idea as well as Lucy, my daughter. It's done really well."

He added that although the mince pies were not doing quite as well, people had been coming in to give them a try.

The new offerings take about five minutes to cook in the fryer and will be on the menu until the New Year.

Manager Kerris Gentles was partly inspired to try out the pigs in blankets dish after seeing something similar on Facebook.

She added: "We decided we could just use our own sausages and wrap them in bacon, fry them and see how it went - but we were never expecting this."

Image copyright PA
Image caption Lucy Beck, Jim Beck and Kerris Gentles are deep-frying Christmas treats at New Union Chippie in Camelon

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