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Yoga sessions 'could improve golf swing'

Golfing yoga study Image copyright Abertay University
Image caption Golfers' swings were measured following the yoga sessions

Thirty minutes of yoga per week could help golfers improve their swings, according to new research.

Participants in the study, who were all golfers, took part in two 15-minute yoga sessions each week for six weeks.

The exercise focused on rotating the hips to the torso, known as the X-Factor stretch.

Sport scientists from Dundee's Abertay University recorded a two to three degree difference in the range of motion in those taking yoga.

They said this could equate to increased club-head speed during the golf swing.

The scientists also recorded a slight improvement in hand speed.

The study's co-author, Dr Graeme Sorbie, said: "The difference in X-Factor stretch may seem small, but in context it's not.

"The study was conducted over a six-week period and it's possible that the improvement would be even greater over a longer period of time."

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