Serial shoplifter from Rhyl is jailed again


A serial shoplifter has been sent back to jail, a day after let out on early release, after he stole a charity collection box.

David Archer, 55, of Rhyl, Denbighshire, had 325 previous convictions.

He appeared before magistrates in Llandudno and pleaded guilty to breaching an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) which bans him from handling charity boxes.

He was sent to prison for 26 weeks.

He will also have to serve an unexpired 52 days of his previous term.

The court was told that the day after his early release from prison, he went into a shop at St Asaph, picked up a charity box and put it inside his coat.

When a woman assistant protested, he put it back, the prosecution said.

Archer's solicitor said he had claimed to have put cash into the box and wasn't trying to steal it.

When arrested he had £300 on him which he said he'd won on a roulette wheel at a betting shop.