Rip current danger for six people at Freshwater West

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One of Freshwater West's lifeguards helping one of the rip current victims to safety

A warning has been issued about the dangers of straying outside marked safe areas of the sea after six people were caught in rip currents.

Lifeguards had to coordinate the rescues in four separate incidents at Pembrokeshire's Freshwater West.

Meanwhile, Holyhead RNLI were called to rescue two people who had gone into the water at the town's harbour.

One was a fisherman who had fallen 20ft into the water and the other his friend who had tried to save him.

Nobody needed further medical assistance after being rescued.

Following the incidents at Freshwater West, lifeguard supervisor Adam Pitman said: "Fortunately none of those rescued needed medical assistance but it is a fact that they were all swimming outside the red and yellow flagged area, which we recommend as the safest place on the beach to bathe and bodyboard.

"While it is of course a matter of individual choice where people choose to swim, I would encourage everyone to visit a lifeguarded beach and to seek advice, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the area.

"Freshwater West can have strong rip currents, and dynamic wind and tidal conditions which will test even the most experienced surfers, bodyboarders and bathers."

In other incidents over the weekend, five people were saved after the fishing boat they were using sank off the coast of Swansea leaving them perched on the tip of the boat which had not gone underwater.

And a man suffered serious lacerations to his back and legs after being caught by the propeller of a boat after a watersports accident in Aberdovery, Gwynedd.

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